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We have founded this touring group

in 2011.

Representative :  YAE  IMAKI.

The National Certified Guide.



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The following photos are our actual guiding scenes.

There are three spots where you can see King,Queen, and Jack towers at the same time.




Make a wish at the spots so your dream will come true! It is very difficult to find those three spots. So let us take you there!




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Tokyo Sensoji-temple

Our guiding research and practicing tour.



 Tokyo At Meiji -Shrine

2014  Winter



Japanese Tea

Ceremony in Authentic Tea room

2015   Spring


Pottery Making

Making their own Zodiac Sign plates.

2015   June 21st


We know which is the best restaurant in Kamakura. So let us take you there to have a memorable experience.



 Kamakura the ancient Samurai Town. Great Buddha in 2015 Nov



Kamakura Hase temple tour in 2016 Dec


Having our guest ride Rickshaw in Kamakura in 2016 Dec.



 Monk’s Meal Authentic Zen Meal in a long established Japanese Restaurant.




The Museum of History.  If you like to learn about History and Religion of Japan, We know the perfect place to guide you.



ZEN templeMeditation Experience.



Traditional Japanese Culture

KABUKI  Event 2015   May Yokohama-city

It is very special moment to put on the traditional Kimono on. It takes about 20 min to complete getting dressed. Kabuki’s Dynamic Performance. Some hands-on experiences come along.

Noh Event 2016  January.

Hands-on Experience of NOH theater.   You can put on Noh masks, Kimono,and get on the stage to experience what is like to play Noh.

Samurai Sword Event 2016  May

There was a sword action contest to be selected SHOGUN. The Finalist put on the Real Kamakura Era Armor and be treated as Shogun.

The Shogun surrounded with Samurai and Ninja in a real old folk house setting.

Origami Event in March 2017

Imperial Palace Tour May  2017

We have done a 2-hour-tour for more than 20 guests at the Imperial Palace. It was the best timing to see beautiful Iris in the Japanese stroll-style garden .

Tech, Nature and Tradition           Tokyo Tour in July 2018

The guide explains the Hamarikyu garden’s features.

Hamarikyu provides a good picnic Area.

Taking a cruise upto  Asakusa area was fun !

Tokyo skytree can be seen from a cruise. Tokyo in” Technology, Nature and Tradition”aspects. We covered from the traditional shrine , the Oasis Garden to the traditional Temple. The highlight of this tour was to see The Tokyo sky tree.

Tokyo Downtown Area Tour

2018 Dec 16th

Enoshima Walking Tour July 2019

Wonderful spiritual Island .

Fun filled with quests and quizzes . Lots of deep learning about Japanese culture and traditions were involved .

Shrine Gate Enoshima had been and still is the spiritual Island

Tossing purified coins for bringing more fortune and good luck.

Dragon cave is the powerful spot to get strong energy.

Purification of body and soul by going through the Straw circle three times

Touching the Lucky mallet will bring you good fortune as well

Guests were given questions about the Island so that they will learn deeply about it and also enjoy thinking about it. Good prizes were given to them later. We , both hosts and guests , shared fun-filled and memorable time all together!